Rotterdam becomes more and more appealing to international organisations

27 November 2019

The Netherlands is becoming increasingly popular with British companies due to the constant uncertainties around Brexit. Afraid of a no-deal Brexit and the consequences for access to European markets, Rotterdam appears to be an attractive alternative.

Rotterdam is transforming from port city into a more service-oriented region. The economy is more resilient than ever, and foreign companies are increasingly establishing in Rotterdam because of the innovative climate and Rotterdam's ambitions to build the new economy. The city is overflowing with young talent and the upcoming character of the city and the presence of universities and vocational education at different levels make Rotterdam a pool of talent from academics to professional specialists.

Strategic location
The location benchmark of Colliers states that Rotterdam is better in serving international companies than the other cities in the Randstad, inter alia because of its optimal accessibility and strategic location. In addition to an extensive public transport network, Rotterdam has a direct connection to Thalys, its own airport and connections to four main highways.

Availability of offices
Where many cities suffer from a shortage of office space, Rotterdam still has large - also larger than 3,000 sq. m. - floors available. For example, the World Port Center Rotterdam, located in the lively business centre with international allure. The 124-meter-high office tower at 'Kop van Zuid' has been considered as one of the most prestigious showpieces in the city of Rotterdam for almost twenty years.