Healthy nutrition
The Blue Zones are areas worldwide where a higher number of people live significantly longer than average. Part of why these people live longer is due to their diet. On this website you can find several recipes that people in these Blue Zones eat. Find it here.

Join the vegan challenge to eat one week without meat and dairy. Check it here.

Bron: Project Blue Zones



The MMV institute provides you with a long list of ingredients that are part of a healthy diet and how each ingredient could have a positive effect on your health. Scientific articles can be found below each ingredient which proves why it is beneficial to your health. Find the list of ingredients here.

24kitchen offers many healthy and easy recipes for every day's meal. Find 18 recipes here.

Losing weight
The Dutch Nutrition Centre (voedingscentrum) provides a platform about how to lose weight and healthy nutrition. In this newsletter, they explain how to lose weight by doing exercises. Read the newsletter here.