In the World Port Center (WPC), companies can present themselves as a part of a vibrant business centre with international stature. The 124-metre high office tower with its state-of-the-art appearance and unique location has been considered one of the most prestigious showpieces for the city of Rotterdam for almost twenty years. In its high-tech architecture, experts will recognise the hand of Sir Norman Foster, the renowned British architect who loved open and airy buildings. Place and purpose usually characterise his designs, which explains the semi-circular U-shape and the large windows of the WPC, which offer a spectacular 180 degree view of the port of Rotterdam.

World Port Center:
32 storeys
123 metre high
35.000 sq.m office space

sir Norman Foster

The high quality of the building is also reflected inside. In the spacious and airy lobby with its tasteful design, elegant hosts will receive your visitors and refer them to the right departments.

Once you've reached the upper levels, you'll be struck by how far ahead of his time Foster was when he designed this icon of progress: sustainable climate control and an ingenious lighting plan ensure a pleasant working environment.

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